• February 21, 2013

Happy Wednesday. I wanted to share one of my favorite Los Angeles cityscapes with you today and to accompany it, here’s some fun facts about the city I call home…actually I live in the suburbs, but it’s just too much effort to go into that all the time. “I live in Santa Clarita. It’s north of the San Fernando Valley. Oh, you don’t know it? Ok, well, do you know where Magic Mountain is? Yeah? Well that’s it.” See? It’s just to much effort to even read that. WAAAYYYYYY easier to just say “I’m from LA”, and truth be told I have and do spend a lot of time there.

Sooooo as a reward for listening to this drivel, here’s your LA Fun Facts!

  • It is illegal to manufacture pickles in the industrial zone of downtown Los Angeles.
  • There are sixty-five people in Los Angeles who have the legal name Jesus Christ.
  • The City of Los Angeles moves approximately one-quarter of an inch to the east every year. Helllllloooooo Earthquakes.
  • For some reason that, despite extensive scientific research, remains unknown, potato chips weigh more in Los Angeles than in any other part of America.
  • Every year, approximately 100,000 women (and an undisclosed amount of men) have their boobs enhanced in the city of the angels.

Isn’t LA awesome?