Where Fairies Dream

  • April 3, 2013


I recently took my annual pilgrimage to Desconso Gardens. Every spring I keep an anticipatory eye on both the bloom schedule and the weather report, hunting for the perfect day for my visit. Wow did I nail it this year! Actually I was too late for most of the cherry blossoms but everything else was in full swing. Tulips and azaleas, roses and wisteria, camellias and bougainvillea were bright and abundant and totally blew my mind. Big puffy clouds hung overhead casting the perfect mix of shadow and light as a backdrop. I was a girl on a mission and spend hours roaming the grounds and shooting to my heart’s delight. I was traipsing down some never before explored trails when the trees parted and I came across this gorgeous sight. I was sure I saw a couple of fairies skitter behind the leaves to avoid being exposed to my lens. Sweet dreams my friends. XOXO ~W