Long Light Tall Grass

  • May 11, 2013

Long Light, Tall Grass

It does exists. That place that takes my breath away…that I get lost in…that I don’t want to ever leave. I hesitate to tell you where this nirvana is because right now it is remote. It’s a state beach and for some reason it is unmarked. I had to google it to find the entrance and after following the digital bread crumbs my search paid off. Pfeiffer State Beach. I wanted to check it out in preparation for one of those once in a lifetime shots I plan to take. It’s on my bucket list…The Golden Door. It’s a magical moment of light that shines through an incredible stone arch in the surf. It only happens during the Winter Solstice in February, so on my trip north last week I sought it out, thinking that I wouldn’t have any great shots because it’s May and I really wanted that Golden Door shot. Nothing else would do. But as soon as I got out of my car and started down the path I came across this. I hadn’t even made it to the beach. Really? really. There’s more to come. Stay tuned kiddies!