My New Muse

  • September 21, 2013

Meet my new muse. My gorgeous Goddaughter Adrienne. Her lovely mama Iliana has been the subject of my lens for the last 11 years. Always easily one of the most photogenic women I have ever known and always willing to throw a sultry gaze or a silly smile. Clearly her baby has inherited mommy’s good looks in spades. Being the control freak that I am, photographing people (especially kids) is not always on the top of my list. They don’t always cooperate with the image I have in my head! Landscapes and architecture generally  pose perfectly pretty for me. But, as is usually the way, someone new has come along and unexpectedly opened my eyes. Think my shutter will be flying for this one for the long foreseeable future!




There’s just no way to be unhappy when looking at that face. Feel free to stop and stare for a while.