My Guilty Heart

  • May 13, 2014


I read an article this week that really hit home on how friends shouldn’t rely on friends that happen to be pro photographers to shoot important events because odds are they will never see the end results. Seriously. (Insert nervous laughter emoji here.) Unfortunately, despite my best efforts, I have found this to be true. I’m not one of those photogs who hates to take pics at a friends event and resents being asked. On the contrary, my favorite subjects are those I am blessed to call friends. My camera is with me by my own choice at every wedding, birthday party, etc I have the good fortune to be invited to and I happily spend the majority of my time snapping away. I relish it. My friends are happy too because they know I’ve got it covered.

The hard part comes in the aftermath when I return to my desk and have a ton of work to do for the paying job. Right now it just seems like a mountain of images to sort through and edits to complete (I won’t even mention new business development that we should all do every day and know we don’t). Not complaining here, hopefully I will get even busier with time, but after a day spent chained to the computer it’s hard to have the will to dive into those party shots that are burning a hole in my hard drive. Soooo I convince myself that I will get to it on the weekend…but I rarely do because I have to take care of all that important weekend stuff, not to mention the sky is setting up for a great beach sunset and I can’t possibly let that get away.

The biggest victim of my best intentions are my ALP (my bestest friend that I call my Alternate Life Partner) and gorgeous God Daughter, both of which I am proud to call “Muse”. I’ve shot them to the moon and back and I’ve got some beauties! I just need to get the time to make those darn edits. Non-photographers don’t understand why a pro won’t just turn over those pics straight out of the camera but every pro knows the edit is part of where the magic happens. Asking us to turn over raw images is like asking a girl to go without makeup whilst meeting George Clooney. It’s unthinkable!

So after serious consideration (mostly because I can’t take the deepening guilt I am feeling at hoarding my friend’s most precious memories to myself) I have come to the following conclusion. I will continue to take those friend pics as fervently as I always have BUT I will also ask them to take their own snapshots so they don’t feel captive to my schedule. THEN the best part will be when they least expect it they will get a fabulous surprise in their inbox…Like this one on Adie’s 2nd Birthday. Couldn’t get her away from the sauce. Ahhh, a girl after my own heart.