Morning’s Crescendo

  • December 5, 2014

Morning's Crescendo

On Monday I gave a quick iPhone teaser of this location as I set up for what I hoped would be a spectacular morning sunrise. I had missed two of them already that week, held back in the house by my Thanksgiving preparation duties. Then a storm came through and completely blocked out any light on the mornings I did venture out (good stuff coming up from that later), so on this last morning I was really hoping for something special. The clouds kept shifting and tinges of color kept teasing me and then quickly evaporating. I was just about to pack it in, foiled again, when fiery oranges and pinks again started to fringe the edges of the clouds…The anticipation was palpable. Slowly it kept building. Ken thought I was nuts (nothing new I know) when I screamed out loud as the rising light built to a stunningly beautiful crescendo. As photographers it can be so frustrating to be shut out day after day but when the light eventually does hit just right it is so much more rewarding. It can be really addictive and it’s what drives me to keep going out for more.
I hope you enjoy…
Morning’s Crescendo