The Calling

  • January 28, 2015


The beginning of a new year often means reflecting on one’s self. This year for me that means coming to terms with the fact that maybe, just possibly, I just might have a tad bit of a compulsive personality. Sigh. For me if a little is good, A LOT is better. While I, in no way, am an expert on compulsive actions (take that as a blatant disclaimer) I am trying, in my own way to redirect my compulsive tendencies toward positive outcomes. Yesterday was a great example. The sky over my house was glorious all day. Big, spectacular clouds with beams of light breaking through. I’d been checking forecasts all day for the coast and they all said it was supposed to be clear, not the best for photography, so really I should stay at my desk and get some more productive things accomplished. Still, I couldn’t get it out of my mind. Couldn’t concentrate on things I was working on. The voice in my head kept telling me “You’re going to miss something great. Get out there! You need to go.” So I let my compulsion rule me and I went. The forecasts were right and there were no big, dramatic clouds to be seen…but still, this is what I got to experience. Quite a positive thing I think. So I will continue to let my compulsiveness drive my creative self in 2015 and we shall see where it takes me.