• March 13, 2015


I know this may be a controversial statement, especially given the horrid winter the majority of the country has experienced this year, but as a southern Californian I crave weather. It’s so rare here, particularly these past couple of years as we are stuck in this tremendous drought. We get a sprinkle here, a mist there, but never anything significant. Every day it’s blue bird skies. It’s like being sentenced to eating nothing but vanilla ice cream for life because Ben & Jerry’s won’t deliver.  Today I was reaching into my LA archives looking for some weather and came across this shot from a particularly awesome day in 2012. It was pouring rain all day and I went up to a favorite lookout at Griffith Park to watch the break. What I saw was remarkable. Instead of broken clouds rolling out, as is normally the case here, this very defined, giant wall in the sky pushed through as if it were a freight train, undulating like a heavily breathing beast. I was transported to the midwest for a second because this was very un-LA. I’m glad I have this to look back on and remember because the forecast here for tomorrow, March 12, is 90 degrees!!


Moment of Light

  • March 4, 2015



In the midst of one of the harshest Winters in decades, I know some of you can’t wait for Spring to arrive. Out here on the West Coast we are still desperately praying for Winter rain and snow  to begin to free us from the clutches of this awful drought. Our warmer than usual conditions did gift us with an early bloom of calla lilies in Big Sur this year, so I made a quick dash up the coast for a visit. The forecast was for partly cloudy skies and conditions sounded great. Well, the sun didn’t feel like gracing me with her presence and wound up taking an all day nap under a dark blanket of clouds for the majority of the trip. On my second day camped out in the remote valley amongst the flowers the blanket began to draw back and a warm glow was cast from just the perfect direction  to illuminate the scene. My camera had been waiting for just this opportunity and I quickly fired off some shots in the next couple of minutes before the cloud blanket was pulled right back up and the sun went back into hiding. It was an exhilarating and fleeting moment.

I’m sending Moment of Light out to all my friends desperately waiting for the sun’s warmth to grace them again. I hope it makes you smile and warms your heart a little at least.


The Calling

  • January 28, 2015


The beginning of a new year often means reflecting on one’s self. This year for me that means coming to terms with the fact that maybe, just possibly, I just might have a tad bit of a compulsive personality. Sigh. For me if a little is good, A LOT is better. While I, in no way, am an expert on compulsive actions (take that as a blatant disclaimer) I am trying, in my own way to redirect my compulsive tendencies toward positive outcomes. Yesterday was a great example. The sky over my house was glorious all day. Big, spectacular clouds with beams of light breaking through. I’d been checking forecasts all day for the coast and they all said it was supposed to be clear, not the best for photography, so really I should stay at my desk and get some more productive things accomplished. Still, I couldn’t get it out of my mind. Couldn’t concentrate on things I was working on. The voice in my head kept telling me “You’re going to miss something great. Get out there! You need to go.” So I let my compulsion rule me and I went. The forecasts were right and there were no big, dramatic clouds to be seen…but still, this is what I got to experience. Quite a positive thing I think. So I will continue to let my compulsiveness drive my creative self in 2015 and we shall see where it takes me.





Finally…My reward!

  • January 15, 2015

The Plank ~ First Light

I’ve had a companion piece in mind to compliment one of my most popular images, The Plank, for a long time. I’ve revisited this site countless times hoping for just the right conditions and, although I’ve gotten some good stuff, it was never exactly what I had hoped for. Not until January 5th, 2015. This color and light was an early birthday gift and totally worth freezing my booty off in the subfreezing temperatures.

Helpless to the Tide

  • December 20, 2014


El Matador beach just outside of Malibu is one of my favorite escapes. It’s a pretty popular spot and can be filled with throngs of people but I can still always find a desolate little hide away. Last night a crew was shooting a music video just twenty feet away and still I felt alone in my own world.
That being said, I wasn’t really feeling all that calm. The tide was coming in so I was vigilant watching the oncoming sets for a large wave. I had wedged myself into a tiny hole to get this angle, I was knee deep in water and had some particularly disturbing feeling kelp (at least I kept telling myself it was kelp) wrapped around my right ankle. Creeped out as I was, I loved every second of it. One of the things I enjoy most about photography is seeing a vision in my head of a feeling I want to convey and being able to translate that feeling into imagery.  I hope this image brings you a powerful sense of peace.

Morning’s Crescendo

  • December 5, 2014

Morning's Crescendo

On Monday I gave a quick iPhone teaser of this location as I set up for what I hoped would be a spectacular morning sunrise. I had missed two of them already that week, held back in the house by my Thanksgiving preparation duties. Then a storm came through and completely blocked out any light on the mornings I did venture out (good stuff coming up from that later), so on this last morning I was really hoping for something special. The clouds kept shifting and tinges of color kept teasing me and then quickly evaporating. I was just about to pack it in, foiled again, when fiery oranges and pinks again started to fringe the edges of the clouds…The anticipation was palpable. Slowly it kept building. Ken thought I was nuts (nothing new I know) when I screamed out loud as the rising light built to a stunningly beautiful crescendo. As photographers it can be so frustrating to be shut out day after day but when the light eventually does hit just right it is so much more rewarding. It can be really addictive and it’s what drives me to keep going out for more.
I hope you enjoy…
Morning’s Crescendo

Saturday Morning Musings…

  • October 4, 2014



I love Saturdays…sipping my coffee, putting off housework, and playing with pictures just for fun.

Underneath It All is the result of my Saturday morning “Me” time. This image was captured in Zion National Park on a gorgeous April evening of this year.  I hope you enjoy it too. Happy Saturday to you all!

Prolab Digital features WHP

  • September 24, 2014


I consider Prolab Digital to be one of the premier print labs in the country, which is why I am so flattered by their artist profile on me that ran today. It’s also why I feel honored to be partnering with them to offer services designed to help fellow photographers get the very best results in print enlargements & fine art prints.

To find out more…

Prolab Digital/Wendy Hudnall Photography Pilot Program Announcement 

Full Article

As always you can contact me with questions or to schedule a session.


Thursday = Treat Day!

  • September 18, 2014

The Waiting Game

Look who’s featured today in Dodho Magazine!

Dodho Magazine Feature on Wendy Hudnall Photography

What a treat to be featured among such amazingly talented, established and emerging artists. What I love about Dodho is the broad range of genres featured. There is always something new  and inspirational to discover. If you’ve never  had the pleasure of reading Dodho I highly recommend it.


  • September 5, 2014


Tahoe Blue Hour

Def: A small detail that is usually important but not obvious.

Usually I am about as subtle as a punch to the face. It’s not my strong suit. I’m a bold, in your face kind of girl and I like my images made to match. That’s why this piece is so interesting to me. We just returned from 8 days in Tahoe and I shot 1750 images. SEVENTEEN-HUNDRED AND FIFTY! So this morning I sat down to sort them and was surprised by the piece that stood out. It part of a group taken this past Friday. All day my eyes were to the sky which held particularly interesting clouds. They kept shifting and building and I just knew there was going to be a spectacular sunset. We had been scouting for new locations earlier in the week. The awful drought has exposed land around the lake that is not usually visible and exposed a peninsula in Tahoe City that is now greatly exaggerated. I knew it was where I wanted to be and it didn’t disappoint. The sky exploded around me in a 360 degree light show! I can’t remember ever seeing anything like it and the photos I shot that evening do not disappoint. They certainly pack the aforementioned punch and I can’t wait to share them with you. So here comes the interesting part…I fully intended on starting with those dynamic pics…but then I came across this piece. Definitely subtle and I was drawn to it. It pulled me in and demanded my attention and I couldn’t be happier. It’s reminded me of the art of subtlety. Perhaps a life lesson is afoot. Hmmmmm. Not sure I can pull that one off. We shall see.