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Clients on Wendy Hudnall Photography:

“Wendy came very highly recommended from a photography colleague as a Photoshop wizard. Being in need of both a refresh on what I already knew and a deeper dive on how Photoshop could help my own work, I am so happy to have chosen her to be my guide. As many know, Photoshop can be a hugely complicated program and her incredible knowledge and, just as important to me, her ability to convey its intricacies in a patient and logical manner was key to achieving the success I was seeking. Time spent with her teaching me post processing techniques have allowed for my images to get the care and look they deserved. Her expertise in post processing lends itself well in the printing space where a huge amount of detail is needed to get the desired result. She is meticulous in making sure all is correct and in order and all the prints that I have printed for clients and my own home look fantastic. I would very highly recommend her to anyone that has basic, moderate and advanced post processing needs and I am sure that I will continue to use her on an on going basis.  ~Andrei Duman

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“I owe Wendy a lot of gratitude in taking the time to mentor me.  Without her knowledge and guidance, my photos would not be where they are today.  She has taught me how to push beyond my comfort zone and take my photos to the next level.” ~Ben Cavazos

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“How do you DO that?”

That’s the question Wendy is asked that all the time. Amateurs and pros alike want to know her secret for achieving crisp and clean prints with amazing depth and dimension. She always enjoys talking shop with fellow photographers visiting at her shows. The magic of digital photography is fun to discuss, but also challenging to explain on the fly. Creating dynamic yet realistic digital images can be a delicate balancing act.

Wendy is a technical photographer who’s developed a creative workflow that allows her to bring out the best in her images in the least amount of time. This means less time in the digital darkroom and more time in the field shooting. Her philosophy is not to master Photoshop or Lightroom, it is to master the specific tools, functions & techniques in those programs necessary to achieve the very best photographic results. It is that simple. It’s how she works and it’s what she shares.

After a great many interesting conversations, Wendy learned that while there is an enormous amount of educational information available to digital photographers today, there is also lack of streamlined and simple to follow instruction on how to establish an efficient and effective edit process. Moreover, many photographers have no interest in the editing process at all, yet they still desire phenomenal prints. To answer the question of “How?” we offer Image Consulting services.

So what, exactly, is Image Consulting?

Image Consulting is a tailored to suit combination of education and digital developing services for professional and amateur photographers designed to take images to the next level and beyond.

Educational Workshops

Wendy works with clientele to understand individual skill level and goals for their work. Customized tutorial sessions are offered in home or online via HD videoconference. Tutorials are centered on Wendy’s method & workflow in Photoshop CC & Lightroom 5 and are designed to help each client gain a skillset that maximizes their own personal style.

Topics vary by client and include:

  • Capture Sharpening
  • Lightroom developing
  • Basic to Advanced Photoshop Techniques (depending on existing ability)
  • Extending dynamic range
  • Luminosity Mask Adjustments
  • Creative Light Painting
  • Various output sharpening including enlargements & fine art prints

Photo Editing

Wendy works with clients to understand, interpret and deliver their individual stylistic goals for each image using her vast skillset and advanced developing techniques.

Output Sharpening for Fine Art Print

Wendy applies a meticulous three-step output sharpening for print process to images. Resulting enlargements are crisp and clear with precise fine detail suitable for gallery presentation.

Fine Art Print Consulting

Having trouble getting top-notch quality results from your printer? Working with professional print labs can be a confusing and intimidating endeavor. Utilize Wendy’s extensive knowledge of the print industry to deliver gallery quality results and take the guesswork out of the process. As a consultant for Prolab Digital, Wendy will meticulously oversee the print process from start to finish ensuring immaculate print enlargements on a wide variety of traditional and state of the art substrates. Print consulting services include image evaluation, substrate recommendation, ICC profile matching, proofing and file adjustment to start.

Please contact us today by phone or email to schedule a workshop session or print assignment. We look forward to working with you!


*Most educational sessions run 2 hours.

*Quotes for editing and consulting services are provided upon image evaluation.

*RAW files provide the best editing, sharpening and print results. Jpeg files can be used with great results but will not match RAW quality output.